“There are five permanent members in the UN Security Council that have veto power - the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and China. Until now, none of them have expressed a desire to part with this right. If at least one of these countries does not support the resolution, it does not pass. That is, any changes to the UN Charter and so on are possible only by a decision of the Security Council, ”the expert believes.

According to him, one should not expect other countries of the Security Council to listen to the position of Ukraine.

“Ukraine may or may not want to speak or not to speak. This is her personal right. Such respected countries as Japan, India, Germany, twenty years ago were in favor of reforming the UN and the Security Council. But so far everything is as before, ”concluded Ischenko.

Earlier, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations said that the country was in favor of a phased abolition of the veto right in the UN Security Council.