The temperature has tapped the 20 degrees in the Netherlands for the first time this year. A temperature of 20.1 degrees was measured in Arcen in Limburg.

The first warm day of this year has come extremely early, says Weerplaza. "Only in 1990 the first warm day was recorded earlier, on February 24 of that year it was 20.4 degrees in East Maarland."

Normally it will only be 20 degrees somewhere in the Netherlands in the second half of March or in April. Last year, for example, it was April 7 when it got so hot.

Earlier on Wednesday, the date record was broken. With 19.3 degrees in Eindhoven it is 'record-soft' for the third day in a row.

The previous record dates from 1959. Then it became 17.8 degrees on 27 February. So Wednesday is the hottest 27 February ever measured.

On Monday and Tuesday, Weerplaza could also "record date records" almost everywhere in the Netherlands. For example, last Monday the "old February" letter was broken 1 degree (from 17.3 degrees to 18.3 degrees). The daily record was also broken in De Bilt on Wednesday.

Because of the warm days, the trees, and especially the alder and the hazel, started pollen early. Because of this, people can suffer from hay fever.

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