Sri Lanka: Bombs in hotels and churches explode

In several places in Sri Lanka explosives exploded. The police reported several deaths and at least 160 injured. Among the victims are also foreigners.

Several people have been killed and at least 160 people injured in Sri Lanka, including foreigners, in several explosions. The explosions six occurred among other things in churches and luxury hotels, as the police communicated on Sunday. The explosives exploded almost simultaneously.

Affected were luxury hotels and a church in the capital Colombo. Two more detonations shook two churches outside Colombo while people celebrated the Easter Mass.

On the Facebook page of a church in the place Negombo was a bomb attack. "Please come and help, should you have relatives here," it said.

Only six percent in the majority of Buddhist Sri Lanka are Catholics. They include members of the Tamil minority and Sinhalese majority.

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