Round in Beijing: Trade dispute: China and the US start new talks

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Beijing (dpa) - The trade dispute between the US and China has begun a new round of talks.

Representatives from both countries met in Beijing to prepare for the visit of a high-level US delegation led by Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin on Thursday and Friday.

Both sides are currently holding a kind of truce in their trade war. Until the beginning of March, there should be no further special duties and no increase in customs duties. President Donald Trump had recently stated that he wanted a "comprehensive agreement".

The dispute includes, among other things, problematic government payments to Chinese companies from the US point of view, forced technology transfer, theft of intellectual property, and other unfair practices that Washington accuses the Chinese of. The goal is, among other things, to reduce the huge trade deficit with China.

The US overdrawn China with $ 250 billion worth of special goods last year - half of China's exports to the United States. Beijing had resisted with retaliatory tariffs and other measures.