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Martin Fayulu, Lamuka's candidate for the last presidential election, filed a motion contesting the results proclaimed by the CENI. He went to the Constitutional Court on Saturday 12 January. The high court was placed under the high security of the police.

His lawyers started the proceedings. Martin Fayulu himself came to formalize it. On Saturday, shortly before noon, Lamuka's presidential candidate went to the Constitutional Court, accompanied by his wife.

Upon his arrival, he lambasted the results given by the CENI regarding the elections of December 30, 2018: " We can not put in any pharmacy and start to make figures for tomorrow Mr. Kabila recover the powers. It is unacceptable. I will not leave. They call me the soldier of the people, guardian of the temple, and I will not abandon this people. We go to the end to recover his victory. "

At the exit of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Boris Mbuku Laka, one of the lawyers of Martin Fayulu, explained the meaning of the approach undertaken: " The step of our client is to obtain the rectification of the results. "

For some observers, this could lead to the cancellation of election results, prompting the convocation of new elections. This should prolong the presence of President Joseph Kabila at the helm of the country.

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