Pedro Sanchez did not warn the King that he would disclose his conversations but affirms that he has not said "nothing"

Pedro Sánchez, the first president of the Government who has written a book during his term, has presented it this Thursday at an event organized by Editorial Península, with the p


Pedro Sánchez, interviewed by Mercedes Milá and Jesús Calleja, in the presentation of his book. J. BARBANCHO

Pedro Sánchez uses conversations with the King to exalt himself in his autobiographical book

The president distorts the history of the PSOE primaries

Pedro Sanchez, the first president of the Government who has written a book during his term, presented it this Thursday at an event organized by Editorial Península, with the journalist Mercedes Milá and the adventurer Jesús Calleja as masters of ceremonies. From the inauguration in the morning of the Business Summit against Child Poverty has passed to a hotel in the afternoon to talk about Manuel de Resistencia , the book that is already selling success, and that in only three days goes for its second edition . The editors have already asked for a new work while Sanchez has revealed now that he will donate the benefits to those who "are forgotten, to the homeless."

The socialist leader, in full pre-campaign of the general elections on April 28, wanted to talk about "his book", recalling the famous phrase of Francisco Umbral , precisely in a program of Milá. It is a book, he said, "that I owed to myself and to Spanish society, how I have interpreted things and why I have done them". "I do not refuse debates, I do not exculpate", he has maintained.

Sanchez did not want to crumble or explain some of the things he tells, insisting that it is "his truth". In this sense, he has admitted that he did not warn the King of his intention to narrate some of the conversations that both maintained during the round of contacts promoted by Don Felipe with the representatives of the parliamentary groups after the December 2015 elections.

Begoña Gómez, Sánchez's wife. / JAVIER BARBANCHO

At that time Mariano Rajoy refused to invest, despite the fact that the PP had been the most voted party. As Sánchez has written, the current chief executive and the King "recognized each other as the people who were going to take the country out of the risk of blockade." In fact, Felipe VI proposed him later for the investiture, reached an agreement with Ciudadanos but the refusal of Podemos to join or give his vote led to a vote with insufficient support that set the clock for a new election, the June 2016. Sánchez assures that he created with the King "a relationship of complicity that exceeded and continues to overcome, today, the institutional."

These revelations, the president has pointed out, have not provoked any reaction from the Monarch. "He has not told me anything," he assured. But, in his opinion, what counts had been revealed in his day by Pablo Iglesias. No one of those mentioned, has indicated, has done throughout these three days.

Sanchez, who thanked Irene Lozano for her collaboration in the book that has been written, has acknowledged, "four hands." Thus, she has assured that the idea of ​​doing so arose "from a reflection after the second primary process", of the need of transferring that "falling and getting up again has a value." Lozano, later named High Commissioner of Global Spain, the old Marca España, was present in the room, as well as her ministers and colleagues in the party's leadership.

Numerous representation of ministers and members of the Moncloa de Sánchez team. / JB

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