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Negotiations conclude with scandal: USA are heading for the longest "shutdown" in their history


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Washington (dpa) - The US is heading for the longest «shutdown» in its history after another top-level talk by US President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats ended in scandal.

Trump had abruptly left the conversation in the White House on Wednesday and later described it as a "total waste of time" on Twitter.

Should the stalemate in parts of the US government go beyond Friday, a new record would have been reached. So far, there is no agreement on the stalled dispute over the budget and the financing of a wall on the border with Mexico. Trump wanted to travel to the border on Thursday (late in the evening German time) to speak with emergency services.

The dispute over the boundary wall demanded by Trump is the reason for the "Shutdown", which paralyzes parts of the US government since just before Christmas. Because a budget law was not adopted in time, a budget freeze for several ministries has been in effect since 22 December. For this reason, around 800,000 employees from the government and federal authorities must work for the time being without pay or on compulsory leave.

Should the condition last beyond Friday - what it currently looks like - the previous record would have been broken: the longest "shutdown" in US history had a duration of 21 days at the turn of the year 1995/1996.

The dispute has gone: Trump wants to agree to a new budget law, if it provides expenditure of $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a border wall. The Democrats - whose votes Trump relies on Congress - refuse to finance a wall but vehemently.

Trump had in recent days several top Democrats invited to talks in the White House. The recent meeting on Wednesday was ended by the abrupt departure of the president. Shortly afterwards, Trump wrote on Twitter that he had asked the Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, if she would agree to finance a wall if he ended the government's stalemate. She said no, whereupon he ended the meeting.

The Democratic faction leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, complained when Pelosi had denied the prestige project of the president, Trump simply got up and left. "We had another tantrum because he did not get what he wanted, and then he left the meeting."

Trump relented on Twitter on Twitter. There he ridiculed Schumer as a «howling Chuck» and emphasized that he had politely said goodbye at the meeting in the White House.

The president had recently threatened to declare a "national emergency" several times should the Democrats stick to their line. The move would give him far-reaching powers and he could try to build the wall without Congress approval. A nationwide state of emergency in which laws or even fundamental rights are repealed does not mean that.

At present it is not clear how the dispute could be resolved. So far Trump has not offered the Democrats a deal to win their approval, and the Democrats are trying hard. They passed a bill on Wednesday with their majority in the House of Representatives, which would finance the Ministry of Finance and the IRS. However, it is unlikely that the Senate will pick up on the draft because the Republicans have the majority there.

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