“We are going to fight, to fight and to the victory of life, democracy, the future. We announced and approved today that the imperialist government of the United States is conducting an operation in order to put a puppet in Venezuela in power in its own interests, ”Maduro said during a speech. His words leads RIA News.

The President added that only he is the constitutional head of state.

“I want to ask all the people of Venezuela: who elects the president of Venezuela? These are the people of Venezuela who elect their president. Who chose the legitimate governors? The people of Venezuela, ”Maduro added, noting that“ the United States is claiming the presidency of Venezuela, ”and this is an extremist policy.

Earlier, the United States called on Maduro to transfer power to the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido.

American leader Donald Trump officially recognized Guayido as the country's acting president.