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Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between his country and Chad, an African country with a Muslim majority, during his visit to N'Djamena, his office in Jerusalem said.

Benyamin Netanyahu, currently visiting the country, " and Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno proclaimed today [Sunday, ed] the resumption of diplomatic relations between Chad and Israel, " broken by Ndjamena in 1972, the statement added .

On Sunday morning, from Israel, the Israeli prime minister described his visit to Israel as a " historic breakthrough ".

" All of this irritates and even provokes the anger of Iran and the Palestinians who try to prevent it, but they will not succeed ," Netanyahu said.

The visit, which will last only one day, follows Chadian President Idriss Déby Itno's visit to Israel in November. Benyamin Netanyahu then said he intended to announce the resumption of diplomatic relations between Israel and Chad, a country of about 15 million people, during a future trip to N'Djamena.

The Israeli prime minister is engaged in an active campaign to build or renew ties, including in Africa, with countries refusing to recognize Israel or having distanced themselves from the conflict with the Palestinians.


If Chad and Israel should strengthen their security cooperation around the fight against terrorism, according to Israeli researcher Ely Karmon, a specialist in strategic issues, this official resumption of diplomatic relations should boost cooperation between the two countries.

There are several areas in which both countries are interested in cooperating, for example Israel needs Chad's airspace to try to develop an air route to South America which lately is also an increased field of activity from Israel

Ely Karmon

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