The EU has placed two Iranians and Iranian military intelligence on the European terrorism list after Tuesday that Iran is held responsible for two political murders in the Netherlands.

Earlier it was already known that sanctions were imposed on the Iranians and the intelligence service. That is how their assets are frozen.

Information from Dutch and foreign intelligence services revealed Tuesday that Iran is behind two liquidations in Almere and The Hague. In 2015 Ali Motamed was shot and two years later the leader of an Arab-Iranian separatist movement, Ahmad Mola Nissi, was liquidated.

The murders were also the reason that two diplomats from the Iranian embassy in the Netherlands were deported last June.

In addition to the Netherlands, Iran also tried to commit murders in Denmark and France. In the former country, the liquidation of another member of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) separatist movement was prevented in October last year.

In brief

  • EU places Iran on terrorism list after suspicion of political murders in the Netherlands
  • Murders took place in Almere (2015) and The Hague (2017)
  • Last year already brought diplomats from the Netherlands
  • Survivors of the victim Almere feel unsafe


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Two people being prosecuted for Samadi murder

Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi, who lived in the Netherlands under the name Ali Motamed, worked as an electrician in the Netherlands. He received asylum in the 1990s and lived in a terraced house with his wife and son.

Iran holds the man responsible for an attack in the country in 1981, in which more than seventy people died. Secretary of State Mark Harbers (Justice and Security) last year stated that the Netherlands was not aware of his other identity.

Two Amsterdammers have been arrested for the murder of Samadi. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has informed that the information from the intelligence services has not been provided to them and that it is also the question whether this information can be tested under criminal law.

Family of Samadi 'appalled'

Richard Korver, lawyer for the relatives of Samadi, reported Tuesday that the husband's family is feeling unsafe. They think that they are completely inadequately supported by the Dutch government.

The government is "urged" to take measures with regard to the survivors of Samadi, who want protection.

Iran has denied any involvement in the killings. The EU terrorism list now includes fifteen individuals and 21 groups, such as Hamas.

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