In the Navy announced trials Corvette "Thundering"

On April 21, the first tests of the newest frigate “Admiral Katasonov” and the head corvette of the project 20385 “Gremyashchy” will be held in the Baltic Sea.

This is reported by TASS with reference to the official representative of the Russian Navy Igor Dygalo.

“On April 21, the newest frigate of project 22350“ Admiral Kasatonov ”and the corvette of project 20385“ Thundering ”will be put to sea from the berths of the enterprise“ Severnaya Verf ”(St. Petersburg) to conduct factory sea trials in the designated testing grounds of the Baltic Sea,” Dygalo said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense showed tests of a submarine missile carrier of the Borey type.

Military expert Viktor Litovkin, in an interview with Channel Five, evaluated the tests.

ref: russiart