IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Donald Trump and Four Former Presidents of the United States at George HW Bush's Funeral

The state funeral of the 41st US president, who died at the age of 94, took place this Wednesday, December 5, in Washington.

The state funeral of the 41st US president, who died at the age of 94, took place this Wednesday, December 5, in Washington.

America, so divided for two years, reconciled for a few hours, Wednesday, December 5, around the solemn funeral of George HW Bush, former Republican President died at the age of 94, Friday, November 30.

The coffin of the 41st US President arrived at the National Cathedral in Washington just after 11 am (5 pm in Paris). The Bush family, including George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, accompanied the body.

The remains of the former US president left the Capitol for Washington Cathedral Wednesday morning. | SARAH SILBIGER / AFP

Prince Charles, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, Polish President Andrzej Duda accompanied by Lech Walesa, and several other foreign dignitaries were among the guests of the state funeral. France was represented by Hubert VĂ©drine, former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Former US President Jimmy Carter and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. | ERIK S. LESSER / EPA / MAXPPP

Without shedding

At the forefront of the Episcopal Cathedral, Donald and Melania Trump have sat alongside the three former Democratic Presidents, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and their wives Michelle Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter.

The Republican President and his wife hailed the Obama sitting right next door, but not the Clinton and Carter. The latter, however, had warmly exchanged a few words with Vice President Mike Pence earlier.

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First handshake Trump - Obama for almost two years

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have thus exchanged their first handshake since the first succeeded the second on January 20, 2017.

A quick handshake between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. | KEVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS

Donald Trump did not speak during the ceremony. But since the death of George HW Bush, 41st US president, the current occupant of the White House is showing signs of respect.

"It's not a funeral but a day of celebration for a great man who has had a long, exceptional life. We will miss him ! Donald Trump tweeted before the ceremony.

Looking forward to be with the Bush family. This is a day of celebration for a long time and distinguished life. He will be missed!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 5, 2018

The memory of a "great president"

As a determined but humble and self-deprecating man, George HW Bush appeared through the words of his close relations, including former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, swinging between great emotion and laughter.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney spoke at the beginning of the ceremony. | ANDREW HARNIK / EPA / MAXPPP

In a personal, tearful speech, his son George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, praised the memory of a "great president," "an exceptionally talented diplomat , " a "generous" man .

"Your great morality, your sincerity and greatness of soul will remain with us forever," he said.

A rare truce in the United States

Born into a wealthy New England family, George HW Bush was the last American president (1989-1993) of the Cold War and led the international coalition during the Gulf War. Then he was clearly beaten in 1992 by Bill Clinton.

On this day of national mourning, most jurisdictions and the Wall Street Stock Exchange are closed. Congressional votes and debates in the Supreme Court have been postponed.

Such a truce is rare in a tense American political current, where a sharp tone prevails.

Appeasement between Trump and the Bush family

The time seems to have calmed since the death of the former Republican president on Friday in Texas. George HW Bush said he did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

The businessman had very harsh words against George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, his other son exhausted by the real estate mogul during the Republican primary that opposed them.

Donald Trump did not attend the funeral of Barbara Bush, wife of George HW who died in April.

Jeb Bush and his brother George W. Bush. | ALEX EDELMAN / AFP

But since the death of Patriarch Bush, the American president has broken with his abrasive style, apparently determined to pay him all the honors.

Donald Trump was so willing to lend his presidential plane to carry the coffin from Texas to Washington. And he firmly respects the line of respectful speech.

If the American president did not attend the solemn ceremony on Capitol Monday, Donald and Melania Trump later went to collect themselves, briefly, in front of the coffin.

Then the presidential couple met Tuesday the family, housed in Blair House, residence reserved for distinguished guests of the White House.

Jenna Bush Hager, Goerge's granddaughter HW Bush, puts his hand on the American flag that covers the deceased's coffin. | MANDEL NGAN / AFP

The remains will return to Texas

Until dawn on Wednesday, thousands of anonymous marched in front of the remains of the 41st US President on Capitol Hill.

This is where George HW Bush started his political career in the 1960s.

Son of a senator, he was then a diplomat in China, then head of the CIA and vice-president of Ronald Reagan. After leaving the White House, he had developed good relations with his Democratic successors.

Framed by a guard of honor, under the gaze of the entire Bush family, with his hand on his heart on the forecourt, his coffin had left the Capitol around 10 am.

Laura Bush and George W. Bush have their hands on their hearts. | REUTERS

After the funeral in Washington, the body of George HW Bush will be brought back to his adopted Texas.

After a final ceremony at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston on Thursday, he will be buried behind the George Bush Presidential Library, alongside Barbara, his wife for 73 years, and Robin, their daughter leukemia when she was three years old.

"In our mourning, we can smile," said George W. Bush, "because we know he's hugging Robin and getting Mum's hand back in his . "


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