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Her son disappeared in Libya .. The story of a pregnant mother did not wait to wait


Mounira Hijlawi - Tunisia

Her looks full of questions and sadness tell her about the sinking or loss of her liver five years ago, eagerly looking forward to the long-awaited meeting, ashamed of her composure.

In September 2014, a special Tunisian television channel commissioned a young journalist, Nazir al-Qatari, to hold a press assignment in neighboring Libya. He prepared his travel bag in the lobby of his house and a wide smile did not leave his life, while his mother shut Rajab Rajab herself the door of her room and kept silent in front of this news.

Her son gave her a laugh in the hope of returning three days later, when he arrived with his colleague Sufian Al-Shorabi to the Libyan-Tunisian border. He promised to call her again but he promised to tell his family that they would go to Ajdabiya after they were released.

Beginning of the story
This was the beginning of the unfinished story. The first arrest followed a second operation, during which Nazir called his mother in a voice full of fear, saying, "My mother, if I get out of here I am dead," was the last contact between them.

Sana'a Rajab organized a march on foot from the governorate of Gafsa (central west) to the city of Ben Qardan (southeast), and carried out sit-ins and hunger strikes and vigils, demanding the Tunisian authorities to rescue Nazir and Sufian.

The grieving mother did not leave a path she did not take to reach the reality of the disappearance of her son and friend in Libya. I traveled to France three times after retired Major General Khalifa Hafer, but he failed to meet him, but also failed. I also went to Lebanon and Algeria eight times, following a journalist who was being held with them but fled from her meeting.

Sinia Rajab: The results of genetic analysis proved my position (Al Jazeera)

A clear answer
In 2016, Sunni decided to travel to Libya until she found a clear answer that would cure her. After great delays and difficulties, she finally managed to reach the Libyan east, where she confirmed that her son and a friend were there.

With the help of some Libyans, the parents managed to reach the area where Nadir and Sufyan were being held and met with a very influential element who organized a meeting with 20 individuals who accompanied and met Nazir and Sufian.

Sanaa held a showdown with the driver, who was the first Tunisian journalist to be held for the first time. She was almost certain that he was abducting her son and his friend according to their data and investigations, contrary to what he claimed was the kidnapping of the Islamic state.

False statements
The woman refuses to believe confessions broadcast by a Libyan channel to people who say they belong to the state organization and that they kidnapped Sufian and Nazir and killed them, asserting that their statements are false and not identical, and the picture that was broadcast shows Nazir and Sufyan in a normal situation.

When she entered the house where they had been held, the woman collapsed completely. She said it could not be a house. It was a metal prison. It was opened from outside without windows, and there were three worn mattresses lying on the floor. She fell on her knees screaming and crying and the imagination of her son does not leave her memory.

Thousands of kilometers traveled daily, security gates, guns and tanks on the roads did not find the truth about the disappearance of Nazir and Sufyan until she was able to meet with the Minister of Justice in the Libyan interim government Mahmud al-Fitouri, who was convinced that there was no physical evidence of her son's death And his friend; by a decision an investigation was reopened in the case.

My father also had a meeting with ministers in the Libyan interim government, which confirmed to them that the Tunisian state does not deal with them to solve this file and did not contact them, and expressed its willingness to cooperate with Tunisia.

Mother of the Disappeared Journalist: Nazir and Sufian are in the eastern Libyan province of Haftar (Al Jazeera)

Procrastination in response
Nadir's parents brought them back to Tunisia. He was surprised by the Tunisian authorities' complete disregard for the information, documents and photographs they had obtained from Libya.

A member of the Association for the Rescue of Tunisians stranded abroad, Moncef Obeidi, told Al-Jazeera Net that the association has contacted several ministries concerned with the Sufian and Nazir case.

He added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs got rid of the file in view of the recent statement of Minister Khamis al-Jahnawi, in which he said that the file of journalists became the jurisdiction of the Ministries of Justice and Interior.

On 25 March, Jahnawi said that the file of the disappeared journalists in Libya is at the heart of Tunisian diplomacy and that it is a privileged judicial file, saying that given the security and judicial nature of this issue, the Ministries of Interior and Justice are following up with the ministry in view of the privacy of the scene. The Libyan.

On April 5, Rajab announced that the investigating judge in charge of the case assured her that the samples he had brought from Libya to the two alleged bodies did not match the samples of Nazir and Sufian, which was cold and peaceful to her heart, which she was sure of.

Nazir's mother accused the Tunisian state of having handed over the death of her son and colleague at the hands of the state organization, stressing that they were alive and being held by the Haftar militias, saying that the case of their disappearance was being used by Hafer Leila to pressure Tunisia to take power in Libya.

Today, Sunnis continue to communicate with some Libyans, following the traces of their son and friend, the self-perpetrator of the meeting.

Source: aljazeera

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