Carlsen vs. Caruana: Another draw at Chess World Cup - decision on Wednesday

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London (AP) - Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana have drawn in the twelfth game of the Chess World Cup in London again draw.

The World Champion from Norway offered in London from clearly better position on the division of points, which the American Caruana could not refuse. The decision on the title falls after a rest day on Wednesday in the tiebreak from 16 clock.

Then there are four quick chess games with a thinking time of 25 minutes plus 10 seconds time credit per turn. If there is no winner, five mini-matches follow with five minutes per player and three seconds of time credit per turn. If there is still no winner after that, an Armageddon game follows, in which Black draws a one-minute more on the clock to win the title. The prize fund is one million dollars. The distribution is 60 percent for the winner, 40 percent for the loser.

In the tiebreak, world champion Carlsen sees himself as a clear favorite, otherwise he would not have forced the draw with the offer. In 2016, he defended his title in the same way, defeating Russian Sergei Karjakin 3-1 in the four rapid-action games.

Caruana opened as before with the e-pawn's double stride and Carlsen responded with the Sicilian defense. The grandmasters followed the same variant from game eight and ten. It was the world champion who deviated from the predecessors in the eighth train with the retreat of the jumper to e7 instead of b8. Carlsen was better prepared for this variant. The challenger struggled to find a good lineup and sank his king on the queenside. In return, Carlsen managed by targeted peasant thrusts always conquer space and narrow his opponent. In the 31st move, the World Cup surprisingly offered a draw, although he had the better position and much more time left to think.

The notation of the World Chess Championship - 12th game:

White: Fabiano Caruana (USA) - Black: Magnus Carlsen (Norway) 0: 5: 0: 5

Match score: 6.0: 6.0

Opening: Sicilian Defense / Sveshnikov Variation

Trains: 31

Playing time: 2:07 hours

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Sc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5 6.Ndb5 d6 7.Nd5 Nxd5 8.exd5 N77d7c4 Ng6 10.Qa4 Nd7 NDb4 Bf5 12.h4 h5 13. Da4 Qd7 14.Qb4 Qf5 15.Be3 a6 16.Nc3 Dc7 17.g3 Le7 18.f3 Nf8 19.Ne4 Nd7 20.Bd3 0-0 21.Th2 Tac8 22.0-0-0 Bg6 23.Qc2 f5 24.Nf2 Sc5 25.f4 a5 26.Qd2 e4 27.Be2 Le8 28.Kb1 Bf6 29.Te1 a4 30.Bb4 g6 31.Qd1 Ta8 0.5-0.5

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