British House of Commons: Livestream: Is Parliament voting for a Brexit shift?

British MPs have rejected both Theresa May's Brexit deal and a no deal. Now they decide on an extension of the deadline.

March 29, 2019 is the official exit date of Great Britain from the European Union. The British House of Commons decides today whether the appointment should be postponed.

Head of Government Theresa May wants to use the debate to convince the Parliament of a third vote on the agreement she has negotiated with the EU. If her application is accepted, May would ask the EU heads of state and government to postpone Brexit until June 30.

However, a deadline extension could also be used to launch a second referendum. However, all EU members would have to agree to a delay. Brexit hardliners like Nigel Farage therefore want to veto Italy, Poland and Hungary.

All developments to the debate in the British House of Commons read in our live blog.

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