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Bloomberg: Sri Lanka's attacks are a test of government


A report published by the Bloomberg website said Sunday's bloody bombings on churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka were a test of the government.

The test comes to the government, which is still reeling from last year's political crisis, which had economic consequences and led to a downgrade of Sri Lanka's credit rating, authors Anousa Ondatji and Lynn Marlowe say in their report.

Alan Keenan, a senior analyst for Sri Lankan affairs at the London-based International Crisis Group, believes that "what these bombings can do is move the country from a state of rampant political conflict to a state of real fear, instability and a sense of return to the days Dark of the past ".

"It is remarkable that during the three decades of Tamil-government war, foreign tourists have never been targeted," Kinnan was quoted as saying. Catholics, divided between Sinhalese and Tamils, make up 6.5 percent of Sri Lanka's population, while Buddhists account for 70 percent, and Muslims and Hindus represent the remaining two, according to the 2012 census.

Sri Lanka suffers bitter sectarian conflicts (Getty Images)

The Tigers
The report notes that in the early 1980s, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), now known as the Tamil Tigers, began fighting for an independent homeland in northern and eastern Sri Lanka, and that the conflict, which witnessed human rights abuses and the use of child soldiers on both sides Killing more than 100,000 people before Mahinda Rajapaksha won a crucial victory in 2009.

Rajapaksha has played a key role in the political struggle over the past six months, winning the post of prime minister in October after being appointed by President Maitripala Sericina, which eventually led to a constitutional crisis.

The report notes that after the Supreme Court's decision, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was re-appointed in December.

"It is very barbarous to see similar violent attacks on this holy day, and we must deal with those who are behind these attacks immediately, and we will not tolerate such violence and such cowardly acts of terrorism within our borders once," Rajapaksha said. Other ".

Attacks threaten to cause economic damage to the country (Anatolia)

Economic damage
The authors said it was unclear whether politicians in Sri Lanka would challenge these attacks, especially as they threatened to do more harm to the level of economic growth. Wickremesinghe warned of the impact of the tourism sector and its suffering on the back of these attacks, as well as the possibility of investors withdrawing their money from the country.

The Sri Lankan economy has suffered in recent years, forcing the government to obtain a $ 1.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, adding that the country experienced the slowest economic growth in nearly four years in the last quarter of last year. The value of the rupiah and Tahwat fell to record levels amid the political crisis experienced by the country, before experiencing a recovery this year.

"This is bad news for a country that is still living with the memories of civil war," he said. "Tourism is a very important sector for the Sri Lankan economy and one of the most important sources of cash reserves. Foreign ".

Sectarian violence
The website notes that analyst Kenan has reported that Sri Lanka has a history of intense sectarian violence among almost all groups.

"What is really surprising is the particularly brutal and coordinated nature of these attacks and their objectives, that is, the combination of Catholic churches and luxury hotels, and this is the first conventional terrorist attack since the end of the war," Kennan said.

Source: aljazeera

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