Activity resumes in Venezuela after almost a week of paralysis

The huge power cut-off & oacute; who left & oacute; the country in the dark all weekend forced the president speaks to him; to spend several days choreographed ....

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On March 14, 2019, residents of Caracas queue to get on buses mobilized to ward off the partial reopening of the metro after the giant power cut. YURI CORTEZ / AFP

The huge power cut that left the country in the dark all weekend forced the Venezuelan president to decree several days off. Difficult to quantify the extent of the damage, especially because of the many looting, but especially in hospitals that were deprived of electricity. Meanwhile, the country is slowly recovering.

With our correspondent in Caracas, Benjamin Delille

In the capital, life is slowly recovering, thanks to the reopening of the metro. Partial reopening: a whole section is still blocked. At the Chacaito station, Espinosa Yurimar guides users to free buses set up by the government. " They take the route where the metro stops," he says. The system should resume because the current is stable, there is no problem electricity. But the cut has damaged some generators that must be replaced for the subway to restart completely. "

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The queue is long, but it moves quickly because the buses follow one another. Witness a difficult recovery that affects all sectors. After nearly a week of paralysis, the tails are legion throughout the city, in front of shops, pharmacies or banks. Maria has been waiting for an hour to withdraw some money. She remains positive and says she does not have a new dysfunction like this cut.

" Of course there is a risk. But now we know that we have to make reservations in case. And even without being prepared, we survived well! With the crisis, the Venezuelan has become resistant, we must go forward, we have no choice, "she says.

Too happy to find a life a little normal, Venezuelans find a smile. Leaving to forget the critical state of the economy and the future more than ever uncertain of the country.

The metro Caracas slowly resumes, all stations would not be served, while the economic activity resumes on Thursday. Only schools are still closed. # 14Mar

Benjamin Delille (@BenjiDelylo) March 14, 2019

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