77% of Gulf youth said their governments should provide housing for all citizens. The most important concern for Arab youth is that 56% of respondents in the 2019 Arab Youth Survey believe that rising cost of living is the biggest challenge facing the Middle East today, followed by unemployment in the opinion of 45% of Arab youth. Ranked third with 35%, then economic growth slowed down by 31%. The results of the survey indicated that 33% of the Arab youth believe that governments should pay the debts of all citizens compared to 49% believe that they should pay the debts of those in need only.

Sixty-five percent of the Arab youth surveyed agreed with the statement "My country is not doing enough to help young families," but more than a quarter of the respondents - 26% - disagreed. In the GCC, 39% of young people agree with the previous statement while 51% disagree, while 74% of respondents in North Africa and 83% in the Eastern Mediterranean states that their governments do not Are doing enough to help young families.

The majority of Arab youth say it is the responsibility of governments to provide services and protection to all citizens, including safety and security, of which 96% said the government should provide all citizens with education, 89% of them, health care 88%, energy support 78% And jobs by 78% and housing by 60% of them.

The expectations of Arab youth are similar to those of governments in all regions with slightly higher expectations in the GCC region than in other regions. The most notable exception is housing services, with 77% of Gulf youth seeing that their governments should provide housing for all citizens, compared to 64% of youth in North Africa.