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7 negative thoughts may upset your mood and get you happy


We know happiness is a passing feeling, but we may be the worst enemy of these emotions through some of our practices, which can cause our temporary feeling of happiness to disappear and accelerate its disappearance.

Psychiatrist and author Ryan Nemick said in his article, "Psychology Today", that we can control how happy we are by avoiding some things that upset our mood and focusing on activities that raise our happiness and promote a more healthy psychological life.

"There are a lot of things that can provide us with happiness, such as praise for success in work, winning our favorite team in one of the matches, or even receiving a call from the person we want to talk to all the time.

In this sense, you can either focus on these positive emotions to make them last longer, or make them negative and cause them to quickly disappear by minimizing them. This happens in your inner mind to act as an automatic response to the things around you.

In fact, some of your negative thoughts can cause your positive feelings to be lost and crushed, making you more prone to mood swings. But if you want to feel bad and disturb a positive experience that makes you feel happy, you can stick to these discouraging ideas, according to researchers:

1 I do not deserve the positive things that happen to me.
2 These good feelings will not last.
3 My share of good luck will run out quickly.
4 There are many things that can get worse.
5 It's better than being a fact.
6 People will think I am proud if you add a positive atmosphere.
7 - A lot of things have become bad for me in the past.

If these thoughts are often used, especially when you feel positive, you are likely to have depression or some mental health problems. The more you continue to convince yourself of these negative thoughts, the more difficult it will be to find happiness in your experiences.

Ryan Nemek stated that our negative thinking overwhelms our positive mindset because of the unique characteristics of this thinking. This requires that we have many skills that enable us to rebalance our brain to counter negative emotions, such as focusing on the strengths of our personalities, practicing meditation and improving cognitive behavioral.

The writer is advised to:

1 Stop your brain when it enters the stage of inhibition: You can be more aware of what is in your mind and pay attention to the seven ideas mentioned above, and learn how to manage and deal with it. You can use your curiosity to prevent your thoughts from going to negative and dark areas, as well as to focus on positive aspects in the midst of the experience you are currently engaged in.

2 Define the frustrating thinking: Use your critical thinking to verify negative thoughts, so that you can take advantage of this logical thinking to reflect on the validity of this negative idea. You can also use the power of perseverance to challenge these ideas and talk to yourself about their validity.

3. Accept and correct your new reality: Use your strengths, such as kindness and self-equity, to present the positive and negative facts about these ideas that you have in a fair way, where your kindness can prevent self-neglect and give you a better approach to your personality.

Source: aljazeera

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