A new question was added this year to the questions of the Arab Youth 2019 poll that 62% of young people respond to the effect of drug abuse on the influence of friends, while the results of the survey revealed that more than half of the Arab youth 57% Only 32% of Gulf youth said that it is easy to get drugs in their countries, compared with 68% in North Africa and 70% in the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

More than half of the Arab youth, 57%, believe that the rate of drug abuse in their countries is rising, compared to only 18% who say it is decreasing.

Thirty-six percent of young Gulf Arabs believe that drug abuse in their countries is increasing, compared to 30% who disagree, while 76% of the Arab youth in the Eastern Mediterranean countries say that their rates of abuse in their countries are increasing, compared with 13% who think they are decreasing.

Arab youth consider peer pressure to be the main driving force behind youth drug abuse, with 62% of respondents saying encouraging friends at school or work is the first reason for young people to start taking drugs. Other rest factors include stress relief and stress for about 45% of them, easy access to drugs for 43%, and also boredom for 43%.