The results of the 11th Arab Youth Opinion survey released today show that Arab youth view the UAE as a role model for other countries and the preferred country to live for the eighth consecutive year.

44% of respondents said that the United Arab Emirates is the country they want to live in, followed by Canada with 22%, the United States with 21%, and Turkey with 17%, compared with 15% for the United Kingdom.

Arab youth view the UAE as a model country, with 42% of respondents saying they want their countries to follow them, outperforming any other Arab or foreign country. The United States and Japan ranked second with 20% each, followed by Turkey with 19% and Canada (18%).

Arab youth consider the UAE to be a strong ally of their countries, with 93% seeing the UAE as an ally, surpassing the rest of the Arab countries, such as Egypt, which accounted for 84% of the country and Saudi Arabia 80% Such as Turkey's ideal country to live for 68% of Arab youth, Russia for 64%, and the United States for 41%.