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"Kings eaters" .. Alfsonjon dish charms the people of Karbala


Firas Al-Nasser - Karbala

The dishes of the table are very limited in Iraqi cities - especially the cities of Karbala and Najaf - so that you can not find it in any other city in Iraq, where customs, traditions and folklore are similar.

The women of Karbala and Najaf have the advantage of preparing this dish, which is offered to guests who come from outside the two cities usually, and is also present in special family events and Ramadan holidays.

It is characterized by its high-calorie, high-calorie, and distinctive taste, a mixture of sour and sweet sweet, or "sweet acid".

Ingredients of the dish
The saffron is one of the most famous dishes in the Karbala province. It is characterized by a sweet, sweet and light taste, thick gravy, dark gray, and cooked with roast chicken, chicken or duck, but the rooster is the origin of the dish.

"The other ingredients are pomegranate juice, parmesan and walnuts, which must reach the level of balsam until the gelatinous texture, vinegar, and add sesame paste to give the taste of the dish, as well as pomegranate molasses.

"Pistachios are made for decoration, and the ingredients must be of high quality and not adulterated, so we bring them from their original origin, often from Iran, so it is one of the most expensive foods because of its high prices. Or white rice, and added to the animal fat (free fat), so it is a dish with high calories.

Al-Fisnjun is a charming Iraqi food that the people of Karbala (Al-Jazira)

History of the phoenix
The Persian dish of the Indian cuisine, contrary to the prevailing belief that it is from Persian or Turkish cuisine, dates back to Karbala because many families entered the city during the British occupation of Iraq and the mixture of cultures in the city.

There is a mixture of different nationalities and cultures - Indian, Turkish, Persian and Arabic - to make this dish a culture of society and a prominent mark on its tables, and one of the oldest cuisine in the religious city is indispensable.

According to the researcher in the carpal folklore, the owner of Muhammad Jawad, Alfsnjon is Indian eaters and not Iranian as some believe, and entered the Karbala at the beginning of the last century, but was modified on some components, so became the table lady in Karbala, especially during special events and the month of Ramadan.

These eaters are found in Karbala, Najaf and Kadhimiya in Baghdad, where they are similar to the religious and cultural heritage of these cities. Today, we see that the original Karbala families still cling to this dish, which may not be known to the residents of other Iraqi cities.

It is noticeable recently that restaurants in Karbala began to put this dish on menus to attract customers, especially coming to the city during religious events.

A group of young people eat Fisnjon (island)

Restaurants served in their meals
The demand for this dish, according to Taha Nasraoui, one of Karbala's most famous restaurants, is in his own restaurant - between the Karbala families and visitors from other religious cities in Iraq, Iran and India.

He adds that the demand is increasing by families through the delivery of homes, especially on Fridays every week and on occasions and the days of the month of Ramadan, as young women do not find this dish cooked ingredients that need to literate so as not to change the taste.

It is noteworthy that this dish is called the people of Iraq, "eaters of kings," According to several sources, the table of the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was containing "Fsnjon," and was asked constantly but peacock meat, which indicates that the logo of his kingdom contained the drawing of this bird.

Source: aljazeera

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