Woman sued hotel chain Hilton for showering nude video

A woman in the US demands $ 100 million in damages from Hilton hotel chain. According to the lawsuit, she was filmed while showering at the Hampton Inn in July 2015 - the video later landed on porn sites.

Because she was filmed with a hidden camera while showering and the nude video uploaded to porn sites, a woman in the US sued Hilton hotel chain for $ 100 million in damages. In her complaint, she accuses the hotel chain of negligence and complains of having suffered "severe and permanent psychological injuries".

According to the 19-page complaint, in July 2015, the woman was a guest at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Albany, the capital of the state of New York. In the Hilton hotel owned hotel, she was filmed by a secretly attached camera while showering.

It only became clear to the woman three years later: Last September she received an e-mail with the sentence "That's you, right?" and a link to a porn site where the nude video from the shower with her full name had been published. The woman received further threatening e-mails from the unknown sender, who described himself as a "pervert".

"Frightening" allegations

The video was then uploaded according to the complaint on other porn sites. In addition, colleagues, friends and former school friends should have received a version of the video in emails sent from a fake account on behalf of the woman. Then the stranger apparently demanded thousands of dollars from the woman.

According to the complaint, other guests in the same room at the Hampton Inn were also filmed. The parent company Hilton described the allegations as "frightening". "We take the safety and well-being of our guests incredibly seriously."

The Hampton Inn said the hotel had recently been extensively refurbished. There was no camera been discovered. At the same time, the hotel promised to cooperate with the authorities.

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