Switzerland: German speeders with 249 kilometers per hour flashed

In the Swiss canton of Thurgau, a German motorist has been forced into speed control: The man was traveling too fast at almost 130 kilometers per hour. He now faces up to four years imprisonment.

Too fast, a German in Switzerland is in a police check with his car. The 34-year-old raced at 249 kilometers per hour on a highway with speed limit 120, police said.

Lawn is a criminal offense in Switzerland. According to Article 90 of the Road Traffic Act, imprisonment of the same speed threatens one to four years imprisonment.

When the mobile police stopped the car driver in the night for Sunday, he was on the highway A7 at Frauenfeld south of Lake Constance in the direction of Germany on the way. The man living near Basel was provisionally arrested and had to hand in his driver's license. The car was secured on behalf of the prosecutor.

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