Pensioner dies after police cussing in cemetery

A 77-year-old threatened policemen in a cemetery in Bochum. The officers fired at the man who died of his serious injuries.

A retiree has succumbed to gunfire by police in a cemetery in Bochum his serious injuries. The corpse of the man should still be autopsied on Sunday, informed the Essen police.

The police had been alerted by a witness on Thursday night. He had seen how the 77-year-old in the cemetery on Kirchhapener street in the district Gerthe handled a firearm.

When the forces arrived, the man threatened the police, police and prosecutors said. The officers had shot "for their own protection" shots at the pensioner and seriously injured him.

Why the 77-year-old was armed in the cemetery, is still unclear. Witnesses were called to report to the police.

ref: spiegel