Nine-year-old recognizes alleged rapist on the street again

In Lower Franconia, the police have arrested a man who allegedly sexually abused a nine-year-old. The alleged perpetrator was accidentally recognized by the boy.

Investigators have caught in the Bavarian Zeil am Main a 25-year-olds. The man is suspected, according to Police Headquarters Lower Franconia and Bamberg prosecutor, raped and sexually abused a nine-year-old.

The alleged perpetrator was reportedly arrested after the boy accidentally recognized him on the street. The child's mother had alarmed the police.

The man is said to have addressed the boy on the street in January. The investigators are currently assuming two attacks on the child. According to police and prosecutors, the boy revealed himself last week to his mother, who immediately filed a complaint.

After the arrest, an arrest warrant for the 25-year-old was issued on grounds of urgent suspicion, it was said. The man was therefore transferred to prison. To the charges he makes so far no information.

According to the investigators, the suspect was sentenced to a juvenile sentence in 2013 for rape and sexual abuse of a juvenile and was under supervision of the authorities after serving his sentence.