Man sentenced to life in prison after double murder on justice grounds

Because he killed two people with shots and stab wounds at the Frankfurt Justice Center, a man has to go to prison for life. This has been decided by the Limburg district court.

After a double murder on the judicial area in Frankfurt am Main the perpetrator has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The judges of the Limburg district court also saw a particular severity of guilt, which precludes premature release after 15 years in practice as well as excludes.

The man from Afghanistan had killed two compatriots with a firearm and a knife in front of and in the Frankfurt courthouse in January 2014 - before his trial for the killing of his brother.

In the first instance, he was sentenced by the Frankfurt district court to a life imprisonment, and the particular severity of the guilt was established. However, this judgment was overturned by the Federal Court of Justice over possible bias by the presiding judge.

Therefore, the Limburg district court had to renegotiate the case. According to the indictment, the Afghan had ambushed his two victims in front of the courthouse and killed them with numerous shots from a semi-automatic pistol as well as with a hunting knife. The gun he wants to have previously bought for self-protection in the Frankfurt station district.

Years earlier, the two victims are said to have killed the brother of the defendant and severely injured his son. Apparently the men had argued for parking for used cars. The two later victims had been acquitted. The prosecution assumes that the defendant therefore practiced self-justice.