Landstuhl: A dead man after attempted robbery

In the Rhineland-Palatinate Landstuhl burglars have invaded the house of a family. The perpetrators fled when the owner fought back with a knife.

An American family has been ambushed in their home in Rhineland-Palatinate. A little later, a dead man was lying on the street in Landstuhl, the police in Kaiserslautern said.

Whether the dead is one of the perpetrators will be determined, said a police spokesman. According to previous findings, four burglars had tried on Sunday evening to penetrate into the house of the family. The owner had resisted and injured one of the culprits with a knife.

The injured man was able to flee with the accomplices according to the police. A little later, a witness reported that an injured person was lying on the street. The rescuers provided the 43-year-old locally, but could not save his life.

The prosecutor Zweibrücken and the Kriminalpolizei Kaiserslautern determine. A special commission was set up to investigate the two incidents.