Großfahndung after bank robbery

In the Austrian capital Vienna, an unknown offender has robbed a bank. On the run he shot a security employee. The police started a big manhunt.

In a bank robbery in Vienna, a colleague of a security company was shot. The police reported on Twitter, the man suffered a gunshot wound in the thigh area.

The unknown culprit had entered the branch of Denizbank in the pedestrian area of ​​the city center, according to the information shortly after 8 o'clock. According to "Press", the man was dressed in a black coat and demanded cash from the two employees present.

A security staff had tried to put the fleeing suspects in the, it said in the report. The culprit shot him in the thigh.

According to the current information, there was a bank robbery in the Kärntner Ring 14 area shortly after 08.00. An attending security employee suffered a gunshot wound in the thigh area. #Inner city

- POLICE VIENNA (@LPDVienna) December 6, 2018

The man then fled on a bicycle. The police triggered a large manhunt, in which a helicopter was involved.


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