Duisburg: man drives at speed 200 on train coupling

A 33-year-old has jumped on a clutch, according to police, not to miss his train. He drove along for minutes, at tempo 200. The man had previously dropped out to smoke.

A man has decided in Duisburg to a life-threatening action, not to miss his train. According to federal police, he jumped on the clutch and drove for minutes. A police spokesman said, citing data from Deutsche Bahn, that Eurocity had reached a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

A police report said the 33-year-old rose in Duisburg. The Eurocity held there for two minutes. The man smoked on the platform and missed the departure.

When the doors closed, the man had jumped on the towing hitch. He said that later, according to the police. He said that five to eight minutes. He had called for help, passengers had finally heard him and pressed the emergency brake. The man could therefore go unhurt in the train.

In Essen, federal police received him. A breath alcohol test gave a value of 1.9 per thousand. The man has been prosecuted for dangerous interference with rail traffic.

REF: http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/duisburg-mann-faehrt-bei-tempo-200-auf-zugkupplung-mit-a-1249664.html

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