, Beijing, January 1 (Reporter Ying Ni) It has become a consensus in the industry to create original high-quality children's books for children in the new era.

This is not only reflected in the data: open-book data shows that the proportion of popular science books has increased from 2020.0% in 78 to 2023.1% from January to November 11. As the largest segment of the children's book market, Children's Encyclopedia has grown rapidly since 1, surpassing children's literature for the first time in 06 and becoming the segment with the largest proportion of children's books in the market. Among them, the development of children's original popular science books is thriving, and the number of domestic authors' works accounts for nearly sixty percent. It can be said that original popular science picture books have become a hot topic.

At the ongoing Beijing book ordering fair, the reporter also deeply felt this at the scene.

The cover and inside pages of the Chinese Children's Marine Encyclopedia. Courtesy of Encyclopedia of China Publishing House

The Chinese Children's Marine Encyclopedia, published by the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, is aimed at children and ocean lovers between the ages of 6 and 15. The book has a total of 114 theme pages, with more than 70 marine maps, more than 1000,<> photographic pictures, various schematic diagrams and structural diagrams, etc., showing marine knowledge from different perspectives such as historical evolution, geographical distribution, ecological resources, and human features. In particular, the book shows China's maritime civilization from a localized perspective, "The book introduces Quanzhou, the starting point of the Silk Road, the shipwreck site in the South China Sea, the exploration of the Mariana Trench by the 'Endeavor', the deep plan of the South China Sea, etc., and also focuses on showing China's maritime geography knowledge and strengthening China's awareness of maritime territory." Liu Jinshuang, deputy editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, introduced.

The veteran children's publishing house is gearing up for popular science topics. Anhui Juvenile and Children's Publishing House will bring a series of new popular science fiction works such as "46.<> Billion Years Old Earth", "Follow Scientists to Do Experiments in the Brain", "Steel Sky", "Super Brain Labyrinth" and "Magical Spaceship". "Comic Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry" is a popular science book of mathematics, physics and chemistry created by Chen Lei, the author of the best-selling book "Half Hour Comics", and his mixed knowledge team for teenagers.

Bai Bing, editor-in-chief of Relay Publishing House, revealed that in 2024, the agency will launch many new pediatric products for readers of different ages. The popular science ace series "Usborne" will launch new products such as "Soft and Soasing Flipbook", "Animal Baby Transformation" and "My Emotional Q&A Book". "Children's Universal Classics Library" will launch "Xu Xiake's Travels (Children's Painted Edition)", "Rural China (Children's Painted Edition)", and "Qi Min Yao Shu (Children's Painted Edition)". In addition, there is also the "Artificial Intelligence Youth Academy Series" that uses stories to plant artificial intelligence dreams for children, and the history of Chinese art that everyone can understand, "Let Children Understand Chinese Painting".

Relay Publishing House will launch a new children's popular book cover in 2024. Courtesy of Relay Press

The "Picture Book of China's High-tech Achievements" (Volume II) released by China Welfare Association Publishing House takes the field of transportation as the starting point to show the progress of China's scientific and technological development for children in an all-round way. In addition, the first series of the series is currently published in a total of eight volumes, from the Long March 919 launch vehicle, China's space station, the domestic large aircraft C<>, the deep-sea submersible "Struggler" to the Beidou navigation system, the smart port Yangshan deep-water port, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and other representative Chinese bridges, the "Fuxing" high-speed railway, with simple graphic content, to bring children both scientific and interesting science picture books.

During the order fair, at the third "Children's Picture Books" forum sponsored by the China Welfare Association Publishing House and the China Publishing Media Business Daily, Wu Shulin, chairman of the Publishers Association of China, pointed out that doing a good job in popular science picture books plays an important role in popularizing scientific knowledge, improving scientific literacy, cultivating scientific spirit, and enabling the Chinese nation to better base itself on the world with the support of science.

China Welfare Association Publishing House launched the "Picture Book of China's High-tech Achievements" at the 3rd "Children's Picture Book" Forum. Photo courtesy of China Publishing & Media Business Daily

Wang Zhuang, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Beijing Language and Culture University, believes that the humanistic care of science is mainly expressed in two aspects: on the one hand, it pays special attention to topics related to the fate of mankind such as nature, environmental protection, and future destiny, and on the other hand, it organically contains the humanistic care of science while presenting scientific knowledge and telling popular science stories.

Nowadays, children's reading is very popular. Hao Zhenxing, president of the Chinese Society of Editors, said frankly that how to better promote the development of original children's popular books, edit and publish more high-quality and excellent books that meet the pursuit of children and meet the development of the times, requires the joint efforts of the academic community and the industry. (ENDS)