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After spending Christmas at the castle surrounded by her classmates, Candice was eliminated from the "Star Academy" on Saturday, December 30 against Djebril, who was saved by the public. The 20-year-old had been nominated for five weeks in a row but had always come out on top thanks to the votes of viewers, who were sensitive to her sweet and shy character and her unique musical universe. For, Candice looks back on the highlights of her adventure, her closeness with Julien and her family's involvement on social networks.

After being rescued by the public four times, Candice said goodbye to Star Academy's castle on Saturday, December 30 at the end of the ninth prime of the season. The 20-year-old had defended herself on the track Divine Idylle by Vanessa Paradis but it was her comrade Djebril, also nominated, who convinced viewers with his cover of Rihanna's Diamonds. For several weeks, Candice had been cashing in on nominations and felt "frustrated" at not being able to convince her professors, who found her level too low at this stage of the competition. For, the academician talks about her experience at the castle and her future projects. Interview.

How do you feel a few days after your elimination?

I quietly poke my head out of the castle. I'm trying to reconnect with life. It's peculiar but that's the way it is, that's life! I am also very happy to have reunited with my loved ones and to be able to talk to them for more than a minute! I spend time with them and it makes me feel good.

On Saturday night, we felt very disappointed when Nikos announced that Djebril was saved... How did you feel at that moment?

I realized it was over... I quickly remembered all the memories. There's a little moment of melancholy that sets in and yes, it shows on my face. I was confused. On the other hand, I'm very happy for Djebril. We said it to ourselves before the prime: no matter who comes back, we will be happy and we will dedicate our evaluations to the graduate. And that's what Djebril did yesterday.

Until now, the public had always saved you. How do you explain it?

I think people recognized themselves in me. I received a lot of messages from shy people like me, who were super happy to see that I was on TV and that I was able to get past that. I also think that my tone of voice can affect some people.

Were you surprised that viewers weren't there this time?

I was rescued several times but I knew very well that there were many surprises in this adventure. I didn't want to take the public votes for granted. I knew I could leave at any time.

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You were also supported by two big stars: Aya Nakamura and Angèle. Does it affect you?

Really? I didn't know about it at all! Oh, really? It's unbelievable! I'm obviously very flattered. Never in my life did I think I'd have the support of people I admire.

In recent weeks, you have been discouraged by the appointments. Did you feel disadvantaged compared to other students?

I wasn't discouraged but frustrated. I was fed up with it and it was mostly about myself. I was a little upset that I couldn't do it, but I didn't blame anyone. And then I got sick so there was a lot of fatigue... And yes, I grumbled but I didn't give up either. I fought until the end.

During the adventure, your family was very involved on social networks, especially your sister Méline... Do you think it helped you? Or would you have preferred your loved ones to stay in the shadows and not interact with your fans?

I put myself in their shoes and it must have been difficult for them to see me on TV, and to read everything that was said about me. I think it was only natural that they wanted to respond to my fans and defend me when people criticized me. It was a logical reflex on their part. I think it's cute and it proves that they were very involved in my adventure.

At the castle, some teachers, including Cécile Chaduteau, asked you to be more sensual. Do you want to continue working on this side?

It's something I hadn't seen at home and that Cécile had noticed. Personally, I had never thought about it. I don't really know what to make of it but in any case, I didn't mind playing with it.

There have been rapprochements at the castle. At first, you were paired with Pierre, then he got closer to Helena. Did you experience it badly?

It didn't bother me because there are no love affairs at the castle. Our relationship is very fraternal and we didn't really think about that. We make music and we sing. That was the most important thing and no, I didn't pay attention to those kinds of details.

You then forged a very strong bond with Julien...

Yes, he was my big brother in the adventure. We helped each other and supported each other a lot. At the castle, we are all close to each other but it changes very quickly: every week there are new duos, new trios, it really changes all the time! But we're still a close-knit group.

What is your best memory of Star Academy?

On Christmas Day, when we all wrote super cute songs to tell each other that we loved each other. It was so good, everyone was really moved.

And the worst memory?

The moment I got sick... It was really hard because I couldn't sing the way I wanted to, even though we spend all our time singing. It was extremely frustrating.

Which teacher made the biggest impression on you?

They all made an impression on me, but in a different way. Cécile, the stage expression teacher, helped me a lot to get unblocked. Malika made us smile so much during the dance classes, and we came out with a lot of good energy.

Who would you like to see win Star Academy?

Everyone has a chance to win! They all have a unique universe and therefore the ability to go all the way. But personally, I would choose Lénie because I love her voice.

And you, what are your plans?

Obviously, the Star Academy tour! I'm really focused on that. After that, I'm going to do everything I can to make a living from music. I'm also interested in cinema. We saw during the show that I have a gift for theatre and I like to act, so why not! I don't want to close any doors on myself.