Europe 1 18:00, 01 January 2024

Every week, a chef comes to cook for the guest of the Table des Bons vivants. This Saturday, it's chef Julien Dumas of the Bellefeuille restaurant at the Saint-James Hotel. He made the dish of the day for the host Julia Vignali: Scallops and seaweed tartare flavored with bergamot lemon. A beautiful dish that you can reproduce at home: you can find the recipe on

Scallops, seaweed and bergamot lemon

Ingredients for four people:

- 4 pieces of scallops

- 50 grams nori

- 50 grams sea lettuce

- 50 grams kombu

- 100 grams white wine

- 2 shallots

- 30 grams seaweed tartare

- 20 grams verjuice

- 1 pinch of Espelette pepper

- 50 grams butter

- 1 small jar of raw cream as needed

- 4 citron lemons

- 10 grams sugar

Recipe for four people:

- Open the scallops to collect the nuts. Set aside the bards. Refrigerate.

- Add a dash of olive oil to a frying pan and add the bards over high heat. Then deglaze with white wine.

- Add water to the top, boil and cook for 10 minutes at a simmer.

- Strain the mixture through a sieve to collect the juice. Reduce the juice and set aside.

- Add a little water to a couscoussière, heat over a very low heat and then add the seaweed.

- Place the scallops on top of the seaweed, surrounding them to protect them from steam. Add the lid and cook for 30 minutes at about 45 degrees.

- Remove the scallops while cooking.

- Combine the reduced scallop bard juice with the tartare. Add a little verjuice, a pinch of Espelette pepper and the butter.

- At the same time, prepare a citron lemon paste, recovering the skin and juice. Add the sugar and cook the mixture.

- Blanch the citron peel once and mix everything.

- Plate and serve.