An aunt dressed in leopard print clothes and handing out candy in a shopping street.

When you hear the word Osaka, I think that many people immediately have this image in their minds.

However, this time, the following question was asked to the Nannan interview team.

Even though I'm from
the Kanto region,
I've rarely come across leopard print in Osaka.

Is "leopard print" really decreasing?

If so, why?

We investigated a mystery that may overturn the image of Osaka.
(Osaka Broadcasting Station Director Akira Mitamura)

BK Great Thanksgiving, "Why?" one after another

The impetus for the interview was the "BK Great Thanksgiving Festival" held at NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station from November 11rd to 3th.

BK Thanksgiving

On the first day, we welcomed actor Mari Hamada and Yoshimoto Shin Comedy Succhi as guests, and delivered a special version of "Why?" in a public live broadcast.

New "Why?" flooded in from those who came to see the exhibition.

* NHK Osaka thoroughly researched the questions received, and everyone's "Why?" Corners that respond to

▼ Why do you call the roads in Osaka "streaks"?
▼ Why do people in Osaka walk so fast?
▼ "" and "Kansai" Why are they called differently?
▼ Why did comedy culture take root in Osaka?
▼ Osaka subway announcement is fast-talking, why?

Every "why?" is an interesting one that makes you want to look it up.

One of the things that caught my attention was the mystery of the "leopard print" introduced at the beginning of this article.

Is "leopard print" really decreasing?

First of all, I decided to ask people on the street about "leopard print".

Then, a young man who was having a picnic at Tennoji asked the question, "In the first place."

"Why is my aunt in Osaka wearing leopard print?"

Is it because people in Osaka like to be flashy?

Or is it because you love animals?

After a little research, I found that a certain theory was whispered.

The theory is that in the past, when animal prints became a trend in overseas fashion brands, people in Osaka made and sold similar designs at a low price, and they became popular.

On the other hand, this fashionable woman has this objection.

"Why is it that people think that Osaka's aunt wears leopard print?

I was a little angry that they had a stiff image of "Osaka = leopard print".

The next person I met was a man who seemed to know Osaka well.

He told me that he doesn't see leopard print anymore these days.

"Leopard print lady, you used to walk around a lot, but lately there are fewer of them. This year, it's a tiger, but it's a tiger."

He said that, laughed and left.

They couldn't help but be happy to be Hanshin's first in Japan in 38 years.

Looking for leopards in the Senlin shopping street

Is "leopard print" really decreasing?

I came to find out the truth about Senrin Shopping Street, a sacred place for street interviews in Osaka.

Interview at Senlin Shopping Street

I'm sure you'll find leopard print here...

However, after an hour of searching, I couldn't find any leopard print.

That? Is there really no such thing?

Even if you listen to the story, you will hear voices such as "I don't have the courage to wear it" or "I can't wear it".

This woman too.

"I'm just enjoying watching it, I wonder if I'm going to be attacked, if I'm wearing something like that."

At the end, he gave me a punch line.

However, if you listen closely, there were many people who said that they had leopard print clothes.

Do you all wear it even though you have it?

When I asked why.

"I don't wear it much, I'm tired of it" "

I'm getting older, so I don't wear it anymore because it's too flashy."

Could it be that "leopard print" has become extinct?

Was the image of Osaka I had an illusion?

That's what I thought at the time!

I found a leopard print dashing across in front of me!

I couldn't pass up this chance, so I immediately chased after it and called out to him.

However, there was a surprising word from a woman dressed in a stunning leopard print.

"It's a gift from my son, and I don't wear it because I like it."

What... Don't you like it?

In addition, surprising facts will be revealed.

"I'm from Tohoku, I'm from Tohoku, and I used to think that everyone wore leopard print, but that's not the case. It's like the other way around."

As a result of the survey, 50 out of 17 people had leopard print clothes, and most of them said that they were refraining from wearing them now because they were too flashy.

In the end, I couldn't meet the "Osaka aunt dressed in leopard print clothes".

Discover in the New World! Leopard print specialty store

However, Osaka's leopard print culture was by no means extinct.

What came was the "New World" at the knee of Tsutenkaku

As I walked along the shopping street, I found a "leopard print" store that stood out even from a distance.

When I entered the store, I was greeted by a flashy woman.


(Director: It's a nice shop)

"That's right, it's a zoo, isn't it~"

I was a little intimidated by the impactful T-shirt and the small blur as soon as I met it, but this is the owner of the store, Mayumi Takahashi.

The inside of the store has a ferocious beast pattern as far as the eye can see.

There are about 1,2000 items in the room.

There are also many things that Mr. Takahashi designed himself.

Here are some of the best ones.

"He's so cool and handsome, I love him."

If you take a closer look at the store, you will see that it is not only leopard print that is placed.

There are lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, and other patterns that could be mistaken for leopards at first glance.

I asked him why he was so particular about beasts.

"If we are not strong, we will not be able to sell weak animals, and we will not be able to sell animals that can be used as food."

I see.

Strength is important, isn't it?

Leopard print is a souvenir Hanshin Japan's best tailwind

When I asked him if leopard print was selling, he told me that it was tourists who were not buying leopard print at the moment, but people in Osaka.

It is said that people visiting from outside the Kansai region buy it as a souvenir.

Until 10 years ago, most of the customers were locals, but now the number has decreased to about 3%.

This year, however, there was an event that regained momentum!

That's right, what are you trying to hide?

With Hanshin becoming the number one in Japan, tiger prints instead of leopard prints became very popular.

2 garments that would normally take two months to sell were sold in just three days.

Mr. Takahashi is also in a good mood about this.

"Thanks to [Hanshin], I thought I'd take a day off. If you wear leopard print and dress up, you will feel energized. When I went to Osaka, I was cheerful and energetic. That's the kind of town that Osaka is perfect for."

The mystery of this time surrounding the image of Osaka.

The number of people wearing leopard print clothes may have decreased compared to the past, but the "heat" still remained in Osaka.

What will be the beasts that will be trending in the future?

(Broadcast on November 11 in Hotto Kansai)