Interviews with related parties revealed that the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau had administratively punished a man in his 1500s for violating the Liquor Tax Law for repeatedly reselling 20,<> bottles of high-end whiskey without a liquor license. While the number of so-called "home drinking" has increased due to the Corona disaster, there is no end to the cases of reselling alcohol without a license, and the National Tax Bureau is calling attention as continuous resale may be a violation.

According to the officials, the person who was selling sake without a license was an unemployed man in his 20s, and three years ago, he purchased 3,1500 bottles of high-end whiskey "Macallan" from a wholesaler in Osaka City, worth 2500 million yen, and repeatedly resold it to a buyer at a price higher than the purchase price It is believed that he was earning a profit margin.

A license is required to operate a liquor sales business, and if you violate it, you will be imprisoned for up to one year or fined up to 1,50 yen, and if you do not declare the profit from the sale, you will be subject to additional taxation.

According to the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau, a license is not required if it does not fall under continuous sales, such as selling liquor that is no longer needed at home at home at a purchasing company or flea market site, but against the backdrop of the increase in "home drinking" that enjoys alcohol at home due to the Corona disaster, the high-priced resale of popular sake is conspicuous, and it is necessary to be careful not to be considered an unlicensed sale.

Takahiro Matsushiro, Director of the Second Department of Taxation at the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau, said, "Although we are strengthening the crackdown, there is no end to the sale of liquor without a license.