Solène Delinger 14:18 pm, December 04, 2023

After a high-flying bonus, Victorien was eliminated from "Star Academy" on Saturday night. His comrades preferred to give their vote to Djebril. Candice, on the other hand, was saved by the public. Despite his disappointment, Victorien kept smiling until the end of the evening, and even unveiled his program for the next few days...

The competition is heating up at Star Academy... The students, who have forged very strong bonds since the beginning of the adventure, must see one of their classmates leave the castle every Saturday evening. On Saturday, December 2nd, it was Victorien who said goodbye to all the academicians. The young oyster farmer was eliminated by Candice and Djebril. Very moved, Victorien nevertheless kept smiling warmly thanked his teachers on the set of Star Ac.

"I feel like someone else on stage"

"Thank you so much for everything you have given me. Whether it was in theatre, it allowed me to free myself from my fear of the gaze of others. As far as singing goes, anything that was new to me, it's wonderful to have been able to learn that. In dance, everyone has seen the great progress. As for the stage expression, I feel like someone else on stage. So for all that, thank you," he said.

Good hours of sleep planned for Victorian

Asked by Nikos Aliagas about his programme for the next few days, the academician replied with great spontaneity: "Sleep. In fact, what happens is that we have classes until quite late. Usually, it's 20:30 p.m., we always have something to do until that time. After we eat, it's quickly midnight. And it's the only moment we actually have when we're quiet, when we talk, and so it can last up to 1h, 2h, 2h30... Maybe a little more."

The day after the prime, Victorien sent a little message to his fans between naps: "Hi everyone! That's it, I'm back in the real world! I really wanted to thank ALL of you for all the support and love you've given me since the beginning, it's SO CRAZY! I'm just beginning to realize how much is happening to me and how crazy everything has happened! Thank you again a thousand times, I am so grateful for everything you have given me and everything this adventure has taught me! And I promise you, this is just the beginning of a beautiful and long story filled with music and emotion! I love you," he wrote in an Instagram story, under a photo of himself taken during a prime.