Bashar al-Assad inspects the effects of the devastating earthquake in Aleppo last February (social media platforms)

"Siran in the local Levantine dialect means picnic." President al-Assad has been known for his love of Siran since taking office in 2000.

He used to surprise people when he appeared – without prior appointment or announcement – in the markets of Old Aleppo or the Latakia Mountains with Asmaa and some of his close friends at the beginning of his rule, before he had a family to complete the "Siran" scene that Syrians were accustomed to at the beginning of spring.

In these spring times, Syrians go out to the Ghouta of Damascus to hike, smell apricot blossom and almonds, and sit on the banks of the Barada River in orchards that the Creator gave the most beautiful composition.

His presidency began with an "unofficial" family trip to Spain in which he visited Madinat al-Zahra, and then his wife made a similar trip in 2008 to announce from Cordoba that Damascus was the Arab capital of culture for that year!

Post-revolution "Siran"

After the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, Assad did not stop his usual walk, he has been attached to trips since he was young, and a funny picture of him - before he became president - spread about him on a trip, with a camera stuck in his neck.

Al-Siran to the mountains became "humane", visiting the families of his victims and giving them wall clocks reminding them of their children who redeemed him with their lives.

He goes to the destroyed "Daraya" to pick from its blood-baptized grapes, and to Suwayda to gift the families of those who died - the redemption of his chair - a black goat.

His last walk to Aleppo after the earthquake was to appear among the afflicted people laughing, the same foolish laughter that has not changed;

This internal "siran" was compensation for the international "siran" that he was deprived of because of the isolation imposed on him.

But the siege has finally been lifted, and Assad has breathed a sigh of relief, he can go to the countries of the world!

After years of isolation inside his palace, he developed a great passion for relaxation trips and changing the atmosphere, as he did on his recent visit to China, where he seemed to be a tourist who wanted to get to know the world all at once.

Not to look like this, he instructed his own TV, the Syrian Channel, that the purpose of the visit was to discuss with the Chinese leadership the issue of changing the world order!

As soon as he was invited to attend the emergency Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh, he flew with joy and arrived while distributing his foolish laughter.

Perhaps he wanted, through it, to instill some confidence in himself first as the most important president among those present, especially since the Arab normalization train began to move, and that he can impose what he wants by threatening - under the table - with Captagon shipments.

We saw the same laugh as he received from the UAE ambassador his invitation to attend the climate summit attended by one hundred and ninety-seven countries, as well as the European Union.

An environmental disaster initiated by the father and completed by the son

The environmental disasters that affected the climate in Syria not only began with the beginning of the revolution, but also have roots that extend back to the beginning of the rule of Assad the father, as he carried out several projects in the seventies that destroyed a lot of wealth and destroyed the environment.

The first was the drying of the rouge plain, which wiped out the fish wealth in the north, the destruction of cotton cultivation, its replacement with potatoes, and the carving out of forests by setting fires for the Alawite population in the mountains.

In addition to paving the Barada River, and blowing up green spaces on both sides of it, so that residential buildings take their place. Replacing Syrian wheat seeds with Americans, eliminating the original watermelon wealth, and destroying heritage neighborhoods in the city of Hama, Jisr al-Shughour, and Aleppo under the pretext of Islamic terrorism.

Of course, what the son did exceeded what the father did thousands of times, but he was ably completing his father's journey. He left no tourist attraction, no civilization, no healthy environment in Syria, and Hulagu surpassed what he did.

Climate Conference

The UAE could not accommodate Assad's joy when he was invited to attend the conference. His laughter was at the forefront of the screens, expressing his great happiness with the extraordinary event.

But the joy was not complete, as an international arrest warrant was issued against him, by order of the French judiciary, which included his brother Maher and two of his men, to try them for the chemical bombing of Ghouta.

This was followed by the statement of the French Foreign Minister, who affirmed France's firm position in achieving the state's principles related to human rights and the achievement of international justice, which in recent decades has become at stake, and the voices of the French street have been raised about the demand for its realization.

The minister stressed that Assad does not keep his promises, and that for ten years he has been hostile to his people, hundreds of thousands of them have been killed, in addition to becoming the largest drug dealer in the world!

Amid real fears of his trial, Assad was forced to cancel the "climate cycle" and decided to send a delegation on his behalf.

The primary goal of attending the World Climate Summit was to obtain funding for projects that help improve the environment in Syria. The environment that Assad destroyed in the war he led against his own people, and because of frequent forest fires, oil spills in the fields, its devastating effects on the health of Syrians, and the massive spread of cancer.

Assad is responsible for an environmental catastrophe in Syria, yet he ignores everything he has done, and is fully confident that the whole world is in solidarity with him, and closes his eyes to his crimes so as not to see them!

He never thought that France would open its eyes and deprive him of the expected climate "Siran".