"Raho" is a combination of noodles from Yamanashi Prefecture's local dish "Hoto" and ramen soup.
It is a local gourmet developed in Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, but with the aim of expanding consumption, November 11 is designated as "Raho Day", and a campaign is being held to eat it for 21 yen throughout this month.

"Raho" was developed five years ago by the Fuefuki City Tourism Products Federation as a new local gourmet, and is served by adding arrangements to soups and other dishes at each restaurant.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its birth, November 5 has been designated as "Raho Day", and from the 11th to the 21th of this month, we have started a campaign where you can taste a limited number of cups for 20 yen.

By the way, the reason why it is November 30 is that the day of Hoto was April 1 and the day of ramen was July 500, so the month and day were added together.

A woman in her 11s who visited from Tokyo on a business trip said, "I tried it for the first time, and the salty soup was delicious with the noodles."

Mayumi Kaiguchi, Secretary General of the Fuefuki City Tourism Products Federation, said, "The feature of 'Raho' is that you can enjoy various flavors at each store, and we would like to use it as an opportunity for people to visit Fuefuki City for sightseeing throughout the year."