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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: "Never Dated Someone Who Has Such an Aura Around Him"


Charlie Riedel / dpa

Rumors of a love affair have been circulating for months, but it's been less than two weeks since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's first public kiss. Now the NFL star has given an interview to the »Wall Street Journal Magazine« about his relationship with the singer. It gives insight into how deep the bond between the two must be – and it shows Kelce as a man reflecting on his actions and relationship.

He had "never dated anyone who had such an aura around him," Kelce reveals in the conversation – apparently referring to both the hustle and bustle surrounding Swift and how she deals with it: "Paparazzi in front of her house, in front of every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off and she just lives and enjoys life." From this attitude, he seems to draw conclusions for himself: "If she behaves like that, I'd better not be the one who behaves strangely."

Kelce also said that he found his girlfriend "hilarious" and thought she was "a genius." He draws a lot for himself from the relationship with Taylor Swift. "I've never been a man of many words. Being with her and seeing how smart Taylor is blew me away. I'm learning something new every day.« Also, both would share the same values. Everyone knows he's a family man, Kelce said. The same goes for Taylor Swift: "Her team is her family."

The professional footballer also shared details of how the two met. For example, after a first, unsuccessful approach (you can read more about it here), he had someone who "played Cupid". As a result, Swift contacted him and they had dinner together in New York. He wasn't nervous about it – only the people around him: "Everyone around me told me not to mess it up. And I just sat there and said, 'All right, understood.'"