Only a few witnesses observe what happened around the Green Vault on the night of November 25, 2019. The perpetrators even manage to destroy many of their DNA traces with a fire extinguisher. They know that the powder from inside the absorber renders their hair and skin scales useless as evidence.

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But investigators are slowly putting the puzzle together. They find some DNA traces on the wall to the Green Vault. They discover the fire in the Elbe gauge house, which had paralyzed the street lamps. And they link the fire in a nearby underground car park to the theft of the Saxon treasure. The perpetrators had set fire to their getaway car there and not only set fire to many other cars. They also endangered the lives of the people who slept above the Tiefgararge. This is important for the subsequent sentence. There are still traces in the burned-out getaway car: the remains of two weapons. The forensics team also discovers soil, the origin of which is meticulously investigated. But the big breakthrough just doesn't want to happen. The investigators are turning to the public with a video showing four figures exploring the Green Vault – during regular opening hours. The police can hardly save themselves from calls. There is also a self-proclaimed Messiah who wants to know exactly where the treasure of Augustus the Strong is. It is the hour of the lunatics and deceivers.

SPIEGEL TV reporters Thomas Heise and Claas Meyer-Heuer are also contacted. An alleged diamond dealer makes an offer: for 40,000 euros, he could get the stolen chest order from the treasure. In the second episode of the four-part series, »In Interrogation: The Coupe of the Century«, the two reporters report on how this very fraudster is robbing the Dresden State Art Collection of exactly 40,000 euros, with exactly the same offer. It's also about the first really hot lead: The mobile phone data of the perpetrators from the night of the burglary leads to a dealer in Berlin-Neukölln – this is part of Remmo Land.