SoftBank announced that the landline telephone service provided by the company has been unavailable or difficult to use since around 20:8 a.m. on the 18th. A similar communication failure occurred with this service from the 19th to the <>th.

According to the announcement, the fixed-line telephone service provided by SoftBank has been experiencing a failure since around 20:8 a.m. on the 110th, and it is a situation where it is unavailable or difficult to use in some areas of eastern Japan.

We are investigating the cause in detail and are rushing to restore it.

According to the company, this outage may also affect emergency calls such as 119 and 18, and in such cases, we are urging people to use mobile phones and public telephones.

SoftBank's fixed-line telephone service was disrupted for about 19 hours from the 14th to the <>th due to a breakdown in communication equipment.

SoftBank commented, "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers."

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications: "It is very regrettable, and we will take appropriate measures"

Regarding the recurrence of failures in SoftBank's fixed-line telephone services, Minister Suzuki said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 20th, "It is very regrettable that such a failure has occurred in telecommunications services, which are an important infrastructure for people's lives and social and economic activities."

Minister Suzuki said that he had asked SoftBank to make efforts to restore the system as soon as possible and to inform users, and that "we will take appropriate measures based on the reports from the company and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations."