An 87-year-old suspect who was arrested in connection with a stand-up incident at a post office in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture last month carried a container of gasoline that he had brought to the post office from a rental car parked in the parking lot across the street after arriving at the scene, according to interviews with investigators. On the 21st, the police re-arrested the suspect on suspicion of shooting at a police officer, and will investigate in detail, assuming that he was carefully prepared.

Suspect Tsuneo Suzuki (87) of Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, was arrested on the 31st of last month for holding two female employees hostage after barricading himself with a handgun for about eight hours at a post office in Warabi City.

According to the investigation so far, it is known that the suspect went to the post office on a moped and brought an 8-liter container of gasoline and multiple lighters, but according to investigators, the container containing gasoline was not mentioned after arriving at the scene. It means that it was carried out from a rental car parked in the coin parking lot opposite.

The rental car was rented by the suspect and had been parked in the coin-operated parking lot since the day before.

The police are investigating the case and will re-arrest the suspect on the 2st on suspicion of attempted murder for firing at a police officer during the stand-in incident.