Portuguese singer and songwriter Sara Tavares has died

Saudade in Cape Verde and Lisbon, since Sunday 19 November. Singer and songwriter Sara Tavares has died at the age of 45 after a long illness. The woman who represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 was of Cape Verdean origin and during her career revisited, in her own way, the musical heritage of the archipelago.

Sara Tavares in concert in Paris in November 2019. RFI/Miguel Martins

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An elegant person, a moving singer, an astonishing composer, this is what we will remember about Sara Tavares, who died on Sunday, November 19, in Lisbon, the city where she was born, in 1978.

Her voice, both light and melancholic, seduced the Portuguese public very early on, as she was not yet sixteen years old when she was discovered on television. That was in 1994, and in the same year, she would defend the colours of her country of birth at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Cape Verdean Roots

Sara Tavares, who is a composer and guitarist, quickly went in search of her roots. His parents are both Cape Verdeans. The young woman revisits the musical heritage of the archipelago, in particular Morna music, popularized in the world by Cesaria Evora.

Sara Tavares has recorded several albums in Cape Verdean Creole. She always takes care to introduce pop elements. Note that in 2005, she received a platinum record for the song "Balanced". Since 2009, she knew she had a brain tumour, which slowed her career, but didn't dampen her inspiration. His latest album FITXADU was released in 2017.

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