On the 57th, the third trial was held in the retrial = redo trial of Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death in the case of the murder of four members of a family in Shizuoka Prefecture 4 years ago, and the prosecution argued that the suspicion of fabrication of evidence claimed by the defense team "It is unrealistic to think that the investigative agency dared to think that it was done at the risk of being discovered."

The retrial of Iwao Hakamada (57), who was sentenced to death for the murder of four members of a miso manufacturing company in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, 1966 years ago in 4, was held at the Shizuoka District Court on the 87th.

The prosecution cited
the fact that the hole in the right sleeve of the shirt and the location of Hakamada's injuries at the time of his arrest were generally consistent among the five items of clothing, and
that the miso tank in which the clothes were found was Hakamada's work space.
It is admitted that the clothing belonged to Mr. Hakamada and was worn at the time of the crime and hid in the miso tank after the incident."

On top of that, regarding the defense team's claim that "the clothing was fabricated," he said, "It is extremely difficult to prepare clothing that closely resembles the clothing that Mr. Hakamada wore before the incident.

The next hearing will be held on December 20.