Walking into Baiyang Village, She Township, Kipmen Township, Fuding City, Fujian Province, the streets are clean and spacious, the buildings are lined up, parks, cultural activity centers, etc., and a picture of a beautiful countryside is slowly unfolding in front of you. Recently, the reporter visited here

Different from today's appearance, 30 years ago, Baiyang Village was still a typical remote and poor mountain village, with a debt of 43,<> yuan. Over the years, Baiyang Village has continued to make efforts in industrial revitalization, seized opportunities such as rural revitalization, Wenfu Railway and Ningde Nuclear Power Plant construction, adapted measures to local conditions, and successively built Ningde Nuclear Power Service Zone, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Jinshan Farming Cultural Park, Tiantou Fruit Picking Garden, etc., creating a new model of rural governance for the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and smart village management, and developing into a national star village for well-off construction.

Nowadays, in Baiyang Village, a large number of migrant laborers have joined the "homecoming tide", become "new farmers", "dig gold" at the doorstep, and continue to struggle for rural revitalization.

According to the data, in 2022, Baiyang Village will achieve a total industrial and agricultural production value of 26.6 billion yuan, a village collective economic income of 1039.37450 million yuan, and a disposable income of <>,<> yuan for farmers. (Reporter Wu Shengwei)

[same period] local people Zheng Weiliang

Now people walk in and feel like a sense of the city, the changes are very different, we now have the park including these facilities are more advanced in this piece, including the common prosperity hall including the promenade, now the three major industries at the door of the house are here, we in the Baiyang Industrial Park, including the nuclear power enterprises settled here, very rich (work) positions, then we can go to work at our doorstep, and the sense of happiness is like this.

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]