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After the renovation: A princess castle couldn't be more beautiful


Beeskow Castle

It is about the architectural transformation in the rural areas of East Germany – but its creators apparently did not expect that the show itself would undergo an artistic transformation: One or more visitors to an exhibition in Beeskow, Brandenburg, dismantled installations from several plastic blocks in an unnoticed moment and rebuilt them elsewhere. This was announced by the Museum Burg Beeskow .

The "interesting combination of photographs, material sculptures and a video work" has apparently seduced some visitors to the museum in recent days to "lend a hand to the arrangement themselves," according to the press release. Photos from the museum show the change: where clear forms previously dominated, there is now a kind of block building in a corner, reminiscent of a princess's castle from the children's room.

In the words of the museum: "The result of this intervention is the destruction of all material sculptures." The polystyrene blocks had been "dismantled and completely reassembled" on their own. A more precise timeframe for the conversion was not given. Nor did the museum elaborate further on how the action could have happened unnoticed.

Would it be conceivable that a visitor accidentally rammed the lightweight artwork and then secretly tried to rebuild it? Artist Sven Gatter does not believe in this process. "The three material sculptures of the artwork were completely taken apart and joined together on another side of the room to form a completely different structure. Apparently, the playful appearance of my installation motivated some visitors to do so," he said in response to an inquiry from SPIEGEL.

Unfortunately, he was not able to rebuild the installation in its original state. "I'm currently tied up in Kassel and don't have time to restore the exhibition to its original state." But because only he knew the exact concept of the installation structure, he decided together with the museum to make a virtue out of necessity. All future visitors are invited to use the materials of his installation and to realize their own architectural fantasies. "I'm interested in: Where does it lead if you just let it go?"