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Abu Obeida, spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that the brigades' fighters destroyed 60 Israeli military vehicles, including 10 personnel carriers, during the past 72 hours, and it is likely that Israel bombed its forces on the ground, thinking that a number of its soldiers had been captured.

Abu Obeida pointed out – in a speech obtained by Al Jazeera on Monday – that clashes are still fierce with the occupation army in several axes in the Gaza Strip.

Qassam members "carried out a number of qualitative operations against the enemy and killed and wounded a number of soldiers," he said, noting that fighters carried out an ambush against foot forces southwest of Gaza City last Saturday.

Al-Qassam fighters heard the screams and cries of the occupation army soldiers, he said.

He revealed that 25 fighters from the Qassami Elite Forces carried out a complex attack on Sunday afternoon targeting the occupation forces at Al-Rantisi Hospital in Gaza, where they prepared from zero distance on 4 soldiers who disembarked from a troop carrier near the hospital.

A Qassam fighter was killed in the attack they carried out against "enemy forces holed up in al-Rantisi hospital", he said.

He also revealed that al-Qassam elements targeted an Israeli personnel carrier and clashed with its soldiers, killing at least 7 of them.

The beginning of the end

On the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Abu Obeida stressed that the goal of the occupation in this war is to destroy and kill civilians, and said that "the holocaust of the enemy against our people will be the beginning of its end."

"The hysterical state with which the enemy deals in crimes is an indication of his lack of conviction in victory," he said.

"Aggression will be broken and our will will not be broken," he concluded.

Before Abu Obeida's speech, the Qassam Brigades bombed the greater Tel Aviv area, and the Al Jazeera correspondent said it was one of the largest bursts fired towards the city.

It is noteworthy that during the battle of "Al-Aqsa Flood", the Qassam Brigades continued to document its operations against the occupation army, such as striking Israeli tanks and military vehicles with anti-armor and anti-personnel missiles, ambushes and booby-trapping tunnels in areas where Israeli forces penetrated.

Source : Al Jazeera