The first auction of "Nanamitsuki", which is shipped as a brand apple from Nanai-cho in southern Hokkaido, was held in Hakodate City, and the highest price was 3,10 yen for <> kilograms.

Nanaemachi is one of the leading apple-producing areas in Hokkaido, where the cultivation of Western apples is said to have begun for the first time in Japan in Meiji 2.

"Nanamitsuki" is yellow with a slight reddish color, is characterized by good nectar and freshness, and is shipped as a brand apple of Nanaicho.

At the wholesale market in Hakodate City, the first auction of "Nanamitsuki" was held on the morning of the 14th, and about 900 kg was traded.

Each box of 3 kilograms is traded, and the most expensive one was last year, when the price was 7,10 yen for <> balls, the same as Otoshi.

Yuji Sotozaki, a wholesaler of the intermediate wholesaler who auctioned off the apples at the highest price, said, "We set this price because we are grateful to the farmers for their hard work in growing apples in the severe heat.

"Nanamitsuki" will be sold in Hakodate City, Sapporo City, Asahikawa City, and other parts of Hokkaido until early next month.