, Beijing, November 11 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) In the recently released movie "Save the Suspect", actor Zhang Xiaofei unlocked a new role: Chen Zhiqi, a Chinese gold medal female lawyer, and also an extremely resilient mother.

For the audience, "Zhang Xiaofei" is a familiar name. She has starred in many film and television dramas, and has also performed sketches on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Actor Zhang Xiaofei. Courtesy of the filmmaker

As an actor, after graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Xiaofei has been moving forward along the route he chose, running the crew, handing in resumes, and striving for suitable roles. She was also exposed to stage comedy and created a lot of interesting characters.

insisted, so that Zhang Xiaofei waited for his own opportunity. In the Spring Festival of 2021, after the release of the movie "Hello, Li Huanying", Zhang Xiaofei, who played the young Li Huanying, became popular and won the Best Actress at the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards.

Since entering the showbiz, Zhang Xiaofei has rarely imagined the future, because it is difficult to predict, it is better to focus on your feet and take every step of the present, so that at least you will not leave regrets in the future.

After experiencing the "big hit" in the eyes of others, she is still filming steadily. Talking about "growth", Zhang Xiaofei said frankly that along the way, he has indeed gained experience, which will help to better understand and shape characters in the future.

If growth is a process of slow accumulation, Zhang Xiaofei hopes that he can always be in the process of growth.

The story unfolds from a woman's perspective

The storyline of "Saving the Suspect" is interlocking. The kidnappers demanded that the daughter of a female lawyer, Chen Zhiqi, be kidnapped and asked her to defend the innocence of a condemned prisoner within five days in exchange for her daughter's life. Chen Zhiqi and police officer Kim Zhixiong immediately launched an investigation.

Chen Zhiqi is looking for her daughter while looking for evidence for her defense. However, her defense of the death row was questioned by Lin Shu'e, a family member of the victim. As the case progresses, the two find themselves drawn into another conspiracy.

Zhang Xiaofei plays Chen Zhiqi. Courtesy of the filmmaker

"The movie not only has a suspenseful shell, but also a discussion of human nature and maternal love, and the characters are complex and three-dimensional." Talking about the understanding of the role, Zhang Xiaofei mentioned that he was lucky to be able to create such a cool female image as Chen Zhiqi.

"Chen Zhiqi not only has a mother's strong love for her daughter, but also has to use her professional knowledge to solve problems, in the high-pressure situation of her daughter's abduction, although she collapsed and suffered, she was never broken, and she has a strong ability to rebuild." She said.

In addition to the character design, the storyline is also what attracts Zhang Xiaofei. She feels that "Saving the Suspect" is a story that unfolds from a female perspective, and there is strong suspense and reversal in the plot. Chen Zhiqi also has a complex, multi-layered sense of emotions and stories.

"I will start from the character and sort out all her motivations according to her personality, identity, and situation. For Chen Zhiqi, the biggest grasp is her love for her daughter, so all my performances are based on this. She explained.

A role that is "very enjoyable".

For Zhang Xiaofei, "Chen Zhiqi" is indeed a very enjoyable role.

She was deeply impressed by a scene in the film: Chen Zhiqi pretended to be a reporter to interview Lin Shu'e, the victim's mother. This is deception, whether in terms of morality or identity as a mother, it makes Chen Zhiqi feel tormented and struggling.

"But Chen Zhiqi also has something that he can't give up, that is, to save his daughter, so on the surface, I have to show a calm and firm state, and to grasp this complex state, I have to completely immerse myself in emotions, and then present it through performance." She said.

I have to say that Chen Zhiqi is a character with a particularly rich emotional level, very complex and very tense. Zhang Xiaofei feels that being able to have the opportunity to play such a role is already the biggest gain.

Stills from "Saving the Suspect". Zhang Xiaofei plays Chen Zhiqi. Courtesy of the filmmaker

"In addition, through the filming of "Save the Suspect", I have also been exposed to a lot of action scenes and explosion scenes that I have not tried before, and I hope to have more new attempts and breakthroughs in the future." She said.

Focus on your feet and take every step of the way

Including Chen Zhiqi, since entering the showbiz, Zhang Xiaofei has created characters in film and television dramas with different personalities such as Li Huanying and Lin Shuang. She has her own understanding and experience on how to interpret the role as well as possible.

Actors want to present all kinds of characters, Zhang Xiaofei is used to observing the world, "Chen Zhiqi's identity is set as a lawyer, and he is a character with obvious professional characteristics. I will specifically observe the lawyer friends around me, and I will also learn about the lawyer's appearance from the video materials. ”

She did not portray Chen Zhiqi as an elite female lawyer who "walks with the wind", but chose to show the calm appearance of the role, "Many lawyers are strong but not strong, they are confident that they are comfortable with everything." ”

As an actor, Zhang Xiaofei is often asked a question, that is, the planning of his future career. She said, "I rarely imagine the future, the future depends on the present step by step, I want to focus on my feet." ”

When she is tired from work, one of the ways she chooses to relax is to be alone at home. "But I don't spend all day at home, I go out for a walk and ride in the evening. I usually watch any type of movie, and I also like to watch suspense movies. (ENDS)