【Commentary】Recently, in the dressing room of a theater in Chengdu, Chen Lanxin, a "post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist, was putting on makeup for the Sichuan opera actors of that day. From the creation of makeup to the treatment of hairstyle, after more than two hours of makeup, the image of the "police fairy girl" in the Sichuan opera "Leaving the Hate Sky Trial" was presented in front of you.

Sichuan opera is a kind of traditional Chinese opera, which has attracted the attention of many audiences because of its unique performance form and profound cultural heritage. Chen Lanxin has been interested in Sichuan Opera since childhood, and at the age of 14, she took the exam of the "Sichuan Opera Doll Class" held by the Chengdu Sichuan Opera Research Institute.

【Contemporaneous】"Post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist Chen Lanxin

When I was a child, I watched (Sichuan Opera) on the Xiqu Channel, and I felt that the opera characters were very beautiful, dressed up like that shiny, wearing a lot of beautiful headdresses on their heads, and wearing beautiful clothes. I accidentally heard that our theater was recruiting a group of students to learn Sichuan opera, and then (I) felt very interested, so I signed up for the exam, and then began to learn Sichuan opera.

【Commentary】After entering Sichuan Opera School, Chen Lanxin not only focused on the study of professional courses, but also insisted on practicing basic skills hard every day. After four years of systematic study, she began to tour with the team. With the increase in the number of performances, she also has a deeper understanding of Sichuan opera and different roles.

【Contemporaneous】"Post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist Chen Lanxin

A complete re-understanding of the industry. You need to memorize the singing, learn the lines, and then there is the scheduling on stage, and then to understand the heart of the character, and then to the stage to perform such a process.

【Commentary】While working as a Sichuan opera actor, Chen Lanxin also became interested in Sichuan opera makeup. With the encouragement and guidance of her seniors in the theater, Chen Lanxin began to transform from an actor in front of the scene to a drama makeup artist behind the scenes, and began to make up for her colleagues. This transformation not only opened another door for her in the field of theater, but also gave her a more comprehensive understanding of the artistic expression of Sichuan Opera.

【Contemporaneous】"Post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist Chen Lanxin

When I am an actor, I will slowly learn to understand the makeup (Sichuan Opera). Each different character, how he should be dressed. I think it's also very important for this role, because when an actor walks on stage, the first thing people see is your overall image. We make the actor fit the role better, and then the actor brings the character on stage to perform and make it come alive.

Chen Lanxin said that the diversity of Sichuan opera makes each character's makeup have its own unique requirements. As a young Sichuan opera makeup artist, she pays great attention to the balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. While retaining the characteristics of traditional characters, she also actively tries to innovate and inject more modern elements into her makeup.

【Contemporaneous】"Post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist Chen Lanxin

The difference in (makeup) of different (Sichuan opera) characters is quite large. Like the heroine of our play today is a fairy official, and then we have to let her have fairy qi, and highlight that she is a female official, so that it is a more majestic image. After all, opera is a traditional culture, so I don't think we can change its foundation. So we try to keep some of the characteristics of the traditional character, and then try to make it (makeup) look more beautiful.

【Commentary】Every time after putting on makeup for the actors, Chen Lanxin will watch the performances of the actors on the side stage, and at the same time be responsible for changing their makeup to ensure that the actors are perfectly presented on stage.

【Contemporaneous】"Post-95" Sichuan opera makeup artist Chen Lanxin

I would be on the side stage to see if [the actors] needed to adjust, and then there would be some scenes where I needed to change my makeup and grab my makeup halfway. Like today's play, it is a scene that is more powerful in stealing makeup, because it will always switch back and forth between different characters. Basically, the actors are busy on stage, and we are quite busy offstage.

【Commentary】In Chen Lanxin's view, Sichuan opera makeup is not only a skill, but also an art. In the future, she plans to continue to study makeup modeling in depth and combine it with costume design to create works that integrate makeup styling and costume design, showing the charm of Sichuan opera. She hopes that through her own efforts, more people can understand and love Sichuan Opera.

He Meikun reported from Chengdu, Sichuan

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]